Retroactive Price reduction for early purchasers of Large, B5 notebooks. December 29 2014

*Explanation of the Retroactive Discount for Previous Purchasers

This information was emailed to existing customers on Dec. 29, 2014.

If you purchased one or more of these journals before Dec 29, 2014 at their original price, I will adjust the payment on your next order so that your total journal cost will be as if this lower pricing had been in effect from the beginning! Have no regret for being an early adopter. Please just mention in the comments section of your order for a B5 journal that you are a previous purchaser of a B5-size journal and that you would like to combine your past and present quantities for the more-than-one price break. If your total quantity is 3 or more this is a 20% price drop. This offer is only on your next order that includes a B5-size journal.  Example: Let's say that you purchased a B5 journal in the past at the $44 original price and that you order another B5 journal today. The new lower pricing for two journals is $73.50; you already paid $44 in the past; so the price for today's journal would be $29.50! My website is not set up to automatically check for past purchases, so you will need to make a note in the comments field asking me to modify the charge on your order. Shipping charges on the new order will remain what they would be without the retroactive discount. This will involve a lot of book-keeping for me, so let me emphasize that this retroactive offer is only good on your next order that includes one or more B5 journals—not on orders after that. If your next order is for pads, loose sheets, or small journals, you may still take advantage of the retroactive offer later when you do order more large journals.