Customer Feedback

I've had such encouraging feedback from customers. Here are some comments about my journals posted on Fountain Pen Network. Thanks to all my customers for their support, encouragement, and suggestions!


I got mine today. In one word - amazing. My first thought was "Man-oh-man, must order more!" Looks much better than any of the pictures on the web site. It's beautifully bound and looks very durable. Thanks Jay!  –MisterBoll

Fast, beautifully packed & gorgeous! I have a new gold standard for bound journals. (Happy dance)… Truly awesome. I have the sudden urge to have adventures to document. –Ghost Plane

Very happy with this. It's narrower than I thought it would be for some reason—what I get for not paying close attention—but I really like this size.
I've never had one this skinny. Nice.  –Watch_Art

My package arrived today too. I completely agree that the journal looks great. And the paper ... I had such fun just rubbing the corner of one of the pages. Thankfully I am near the end of my current journal as I can't wait to start using this new one. Kudos on launching a fine new product.  –VAgal

I got mine today and I am really pleased! I love the size and the texture of the cover. Thank for for making this available! I think I'll need to place another order ...  –penultress

I've made my first entry! I'm using mine to journal/document pen builds. This is my first experience with Tomoe River paper, and I'm sold. Nice little book. I'm sure I'll be returning for more.  –InvisibleMan

Add me to the growing list of those impressed by the TR paper and the service provided by Jay. Package arrived promptly and safely. The books appear to be well-constructed and the paper is excellent. Well done. –SmoovD

I already knew I loved the paper. Jay, the notebooks are great! Got mine Friday -- very quickly! Thanks!  –ethernautrix

Got my gorgeous journal yesterday and am in love! I'm using a college-ruled template behind the page so my writing doesn't wander over hill and dale. Well worth the price!!!!  –egretsrus

Let me say that the one thing I did not need was another Journal, however I am thrilled I got these. Soooo nice and especially good at this price point…I am very happy indeed!…I will be buying these from Jay going forward. These are really wonderful and reasonably priced so I can use them daily.  –WOBentley

Well, I can honestly say that my life is now complete. My 3 journals arrived today (Thursday) in Australia and I have opened one. It's looks elegant - the cover and binding are great quality while being understated. Then there's the paper. I have waited a long time to try this paper and after 5 mins. I'm hooked. It's not quite as thin as I imagined (that's good), using Diamine Blue-Black in a Kaweco with a Broad nib the ghosting is minimal (I can easily use both sides of the sheet which is important to me) and the shading is awesome. I can thoroughly recommend these books and Jay at for great service.  –Newjelan

Received my two notebook and made a writing test ........ writing heaven! Never experienced the same feeling, the wet noodle 1.2 mm stub nib slides over the paper , no bleeding through at all! Thanks for offering us this excellent product !  –fountainbel

I received mine today and I'm delighted with it. It really is a lovely piece of bookbinding. And it's very good value, even with shipping to the UK.  –Karen Traviss

Ordered 3 books on 11th Sept; received today in the UK. Great service! The books are beautifully wrapped & included a nice handwritten note from Jay. First impressions: high quality books, very fine paper, super smooth & light. Very nicely bound and so refreshing not to have ubiquitous black covers - I love the dark blue, it's smart but different. Lots of pages (160s/320pgs) and so offer great value.  … My fine nib glided across the surface…My advice—go get one.  –migo984

Even the packing paper is Tomoe River; I've tried to flatten it out & cut it up, and am using it for random small notes such as phone messages. It's creased but it irons out somewhat. That's how nice this paper is...  –mhguda

I've been remiss in not posting a response to this thread. I wanted to say to anyone who is contemplating purchasing one of these fine journals, don't hesitate! They're wonderfully made, top quality, not just the paper (which is exceptional) but the entire package... The finishing, binding, trimming, everything. I can't possibly say enough about these journals and I will definitely unquestionably be making another purchase as soon as I can. Thank you for a wonderful finished product. It's a -joy- to use.  –AnnieB123

I'm now halfway through my first of 3 notebooks. The one I'm using travels everywhere with me and still looks brand new. The quality (& beauty) of these notebooks is second to none.  –Newjelan

The notebook internal pages have a separated cloth binding (like a real hardcover book) so that if you open it all the way it mostly lays flat, though you still have the page gutter. For bleed through I haven't seen any, though I only have xf,f, and medium nibs. There is a bit of ghosting because this paper is so thin, but it's not too bad. I don't know what your writing pen + ink combo is, so you might have to only use one side of paper. With my setup I can use both sides. Every pen I try on this paper feels so amazingly nice. When comparing pens it's almost dangerous to only test on this tomoe paper because you think "wow, this is one of the smoothest writing pens ever" until you switch back to more normal paper.  –Bleair

I agree with bleair, that the writing experience on this paper is extremely smooth, and even pens that drag a little on other paper seem to be gliding along... In fact, I am finding this paper is spoiling me for other papers that I used to think of as very FP friendly.  –mhguda

Holds up under my OBB nibs with minimal ghosting, so prepare to be amazed!  –Ghost Plane

As I've written before, I am totally besotted with this paper.I'm in the middle of my first book, have two more still in their wrapping paper and because I'm a hoarder…will no doubt be ordering more soon. I say use these for "morning pages" noon pages and night pages. This paper is wonderful. A big thanks to Jay for great service too.  –Karin

Mine arrived tonight! I've used the thank you note for practice before diving into the journal. I feel like this sort of notebook needs to have a dedication ceremony...  –Aquinata

…For anyone who wants to try a bound Tomoe River Paper book, I would suggest going to Jay. They are very good good hard covers in what appears to be a very sturdy Binding to me from a user point of view. The price is very reasonable for a hard bound. … –silverbreeze