What a nice review! October 20 2013

It's always such a good boost in my day to get notes and emails from customers who are appreciating the pleasure that PaperForFountainPens products bring to them. Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to express your enthusiasm.

This afternoon I came upon a review of my notebooks at The Unroyal Warrant, a fairly new blog that "aims to help sort through products that will improve life in the office".

The opening entry says "I work long hours in a grey cubical, a shared cubical, and I have found that the little things make all the difference. By exploring combinations of pens, paper, and inks I have created a fantastic getaway for myself without having to leave my cube.  While I have deeply enjoyed keeping this little getaway to myself, it is time that I share this destination with others."

That comment resonates with me very well. The pleasure of writing in and on my notebooks, pads, and loose sheets makes a difference in my day, and it's my hope that my customers will experience a similar soothing delight whenever they put pen to this paper.

Thanks to the customer who wrote the review. I'm not sure who you are, but I appreciate the encouragement!


Happy Writing! (and don't forget to take moment to caress the paper…)