Current Status


Novermber 13, 2018:

1) A new batch of our journals with Tomoe River Paper is in the works and should be ready before the end of November.

2) Soon we'll be taking pre-orders for our annual special New Year Edition. journals with a page for reach day of the year (plus a few extra).

3) Meanwhile, take a look at our Amatruda paper offerings. Made in Amalfi, Italy, this paper's charms differ from Tomoe River's. While Tomoe River Paper is thin, smooth, and exhibits virtually no ink-feathering, Amatruda is heavy, deckle-edged, somewhat textured, and will feather somewhat with inks that are prone to that effect. But when you want a stationery with gravitas and maybe a whiff of bygone centuries, Amatruda can get the job done.