New Year Edition timing December 30 2018

[[UPDATE: New Year Editions orders will ship on Jan 8 and 9!]]

I had been patting myself on the back this Fall when I had initiated the process of producing the annual batch of New Year Edition journals a month earlier than I ever had before. In the past these books were just barely ready in time for the New Year, and getting them shipped was a stressful, rushed process that, in one of those years, involved driving to the post office at the airport an hour away late in the evening to get them on their way.

My self-congratulations this year were premature, however. Delays in the process have led the production to not only not finish early but to be later than ever before! ARGH!

I believe that I will be able to ship during the week of 12/31 (though probably not ON 12/31). When I have more specific information I'll update this post.
Meanwhile, if you can tolerate the later-than-ideal shipping, I do suggest ordering as soon as possible; it is a limited batch and they usually sell out fairly quickly.